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Terms of payment

  1. Prices for the event and terms of payment are determined individually with the client after establishing the program of the event, all services and costs.
  2. The price does not change if the program of the event, services and the number of participants does not change. Otherwise, the organizer prepares the recalculation.
  3. Price changes to transportation costs, increased administration fees, taxes or increases in the exchange rate. The price may be increased or decreased in relation to these points. In this situation, Memoria Travel is obliged to immediately inform the client, and client shall immediately inform the Memoria Travel whether he accepts the proposed amendment to the contract or withdraws from the contract.  Furthermore, changes in prices may occur no later than 21 days before the tour begins. Confirmation of price change must be made in writing to be valid.
  4. Memoria Travel does not take an advance payment from the client. 
  5. Invoices for guiding services organized by Memoria Travel are issued in PLN.
  6. Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer. Form of payment is determined each individual case.
  7. Memoria Travel does not make a reimbursement if a guiding service was not fully utilized by the tour participants, i.e. shortened stays, or resignation from part of the service. Memoria Travel is not responsible for changes to the program of events at the request of the client.