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Terms of payment

  1. Prices for the event and terms of payment are determined individually with the client after establishing the program of the event, all services and costs.
  2. The price does not change if the program of the event, services and the number of participants does not change. Otherwise, the organizer prepares the recalculation.
  3. Price changes to transportation costs, increased administration fees, taxes or increases in the exchange rate. The price may be increased or decreased in relation to these points. In this situation, the tour operator is obliged to immediately inform the client, and client shall immediately inform the organizer whether he accepts the proposed amendment to the contract or withdraws from the contract with the immediate repayment of all amounts paid without having to pay a penalty. Furthermore, changes in prices may occur no later than 21 days before the tour begins. Confirmation of price change must be made in writing to be valid.
  4. Memoria Travel does not take an advance payment from the client, if the reservation of services under the program of the event does not require prepayment from Memoria Travel. If an advance payment is required then a schedule of payments is determined in each individual case.
  5. Invoices for tour services organized by Memoria Travel are issued in PLN.
  6. Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer. Form of payment is determined each individual case.
  7. If a tour participant does not arrive for a meeting then in such case the client must pay in accordance with the calculation. Up to 7 days after the event, the client can claim a refund only for unused tickets. Other shared costs (tour courier, transportation, guides, organising of bonfires, meals etc.) are calculations for the entire group, so the refund is only for admission tickets. For events which are implemented without any admission tickets there is no reimbursement. Costs incurred prior to the execution of events and associated with tour preparation but not used by the absent tour participant are not refundable. If payment is not settled in accordance with previous confirmation and tour arrangements the tour cannot be realized. The costs of the events that have already begun (arrival of the coach at the school, the tour courier, and the indirect costs of the tour operator’s office) must be regulated up to 7 days before the date of planned departure. At the time of the absence of an advance payment the tour operator’s office automatically cancels the trip application. Advance payment for persons absent is not refundable. If the group completely dispenses with the event the advance payment is lost.
  8. The Travel Agency Memoria Travel does not make a reimbursement if services were not fully utilized by the tour participants, i.e. shortened stays, or resignation from part or all of the services. The organizer is not responsible for changes to the program of events at the request of the client.