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We care, We share

We care, We share

We are happy to inform that we have started the cooperation with War Child. We add a donation to War Child from each tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum that is bought online. 1€ of the sale of this product will be donated to War Child, charity no. 1071659.

War is the most tragic thing that can happen to mankind. What took place during WWII is occurring in many places all over the world now. We help to raise the money to support projects that help innocent children affected by war.

War Child were founded 20 years ago on one single premise which is still the same today; no child should be affected by war. They currently work in Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Iraq, Uganda and is currently working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon. They're on the ground - supporting the most vulnerable children that are too often forgotten in the aftermath of conflict. These include former child soldiers, children living on the streets, children put in prison and girls at risk of rape or violence.

Their projects are developed around three themes of protection, education and livelihoods. Child protection is at the centre of all their work. They are working with the most impoverished communities to prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation. They are working to increase access to education, so children can enjoy safe environments in which to learn. They work with local partners to help young people and families to build sustainable livelihoods, securing a better future.

More information about this charity oranisation is available here.

28 November 2012