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Auschwitz-Birkenau & the salt mine in 1 day

Per person
from 35 €

Guide dogs for the visually impaired.


Visually impaired or blind travellers with accompanying person.




Disabled person


Disabled traveller with accompanying person.


Persons with reduced mobility.


Travellers in full health.


Those with hearing impairment.

Short of time? This tour is for you! Visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the salt mine in Wieliczka in 1 day.  So different, yet important and interesting. Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp - the place where every day reminds us about a crime against the mankind.  The historical salt mine in Wieliczka - the mysterious underground world of one of the most valuable Polish treasures.


You will leave the hotel ca. 8am and first visit Auschwitz-Birkenau camp complex.

Everyone should see this place. Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp is known as one
of the most cruel places of crime in the world. Nowadays it is the most significant symbol
of hatred of man to man. During this touching visit you will find out about the daily living
conditions in the camp. With your own eyes you will see how barracks, gas chambers,
crematoria and other camp buildings looked like. What you experience inside the camp, trying
to understand the reason for existence of such a place, will make many daily matters look
The tour in the museum consists of two parts:
Auschwitz I with an exhibition placed in the former barracks. You will learn the details of
everyday camp life as well as the organization of mass destruction during the war. The tour
takes about 2 hours.
Auschwitz II - Birkenau where you will see the living conditions in the camp and will walk
all the way to the ruins of the crematoriums and to the monument commemorating the victims
of the World War II. The tour takes about 1.5 hours.


Lunch break in Wieliczka and afterwards...

Experience unforgettable moments in a mysterious underground world - the labyrinth of
chambers, corridors, sidewalks and shafts. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a magical and unique
place, a real wonder of the world inscribed on the Unesco List. Wandering through the
corridors you will understand why the Wieliczka mine is called a “salt treasure”. It’s a symbol
of pride, power and enormous effort of miners. Apart from 20 monumental chambers created
by nature and man, connected by 2 kms of corridors, you will also see beautiful stalagmites
and stalactites shaped by the salty water. You will witness the work of art carved by the
miners-amateurs in the form of huge chapels with the most beautiful Chapel of St. Kinga,
you will also see three underground salt lakes, mining and transport machinery for salt blocks and much more… You can choose yourself the route option between the three following alternatives: Tourists’, Miners’ and Pilgrims’ Route - all of them will make you experience unforgettable moments in this amazing place in accordance with your own choice.

Your day starts early but you are back in Krakow for the relaxing evening dinner.

We do not recommend visiting the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum to the children under 14 and the mine to those who suffer from claustrophobia.

from 35 €

The price depends on the number of people and options selected.


* transportation – a luxurious minibus or coach with AC, TV, DVD, seat belts
* tour guide service
* guide service in Auschwitz-Birkenau camp complex
* TourGuide headset in Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum (required for groups of 10 people and more)
* guide service in the mine
* tickets to the mine
* mineral water
* parking fees
* tax


* lunch
* expanses of personal nature


Ca. 11 hours,

Meeting place

The lobby of your hotel


The tour is available all year round except 1st January, Easter Sunday and 25th december. The museums can also be temporalily closed due to official visits, ceremonies etc. Ask first about the opening hours which change according to the season and religious holidays.


Auschwitz-Birkenau camp complex:

People in wheelchair have big difficulties to visit the barracs (lots of stairs and no ramps in buildings) and they may encounter inconvenience due to entrance thresholds and uneven sidewalks.

The salt mine:

The most beautiful part of the Tourist Route is adapted for persons on wheelchairs. ; for single wheelchair travellers we provide an assistant in order to see as much as possible;

TourGuide Headset

This is a wireless system for tour groups giving all participants in the group the opportunity to listen to the explanations of the guide in the same way regardless of the distance from him (the average transmission range is about 100 meters, and each participant has its own receiver), the system provides comfort when sightseeing and the ability to move freely in locations where silence is expected.


From the available options, you can choose interesting proposals, you can also suggest a starting time and then the final plan will be prepared. In case of doubt, please contact us and ask questions .


You will be under the care of licensed and experienced guides. We have worked with them for many years, and many surprising and unusual situations have proved that we can rely on them.

The options apply to the salt mine in Wieliczka.

1. Tourists’ Route - this is a journey through the carved in salt corridors, chambers and chapels, with the most beautiful underground salt pearl - Chapel of St. Kinga. Along this route you can admire salt sculptures, salty lakes, mining and transport machinery for salt blocks and much more; duration about 3 hours.

2. Miners’ Route - it’s not just a common sightseeing tour but most of all it’s an active expedition deep into the Earth. It’s an exciting trip for all those who love to feel adrenaline and an excellent opportunity to check yourself in this thrilling but difficult profession of a salt miner. We’ll go down in miners’ clothes along the oldest medieval shaft to experience their underground life and also to carry out tasks which ensure a safe return of the group. This route is recommended for active people; duration about 3 hours.

3. Pilgrims’ Route - this is an option for pilgrims who search for prayerful contemplation and desire to experience the presence of the underground sacrum. At the end of the route a priest accompanying the group may celebrate the Holy Mass; duration about 2.5 hours.