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Bespoke tours

Per group

Guide dogs for the visually impaired.


Persons in good health including the elderly, who may enjoy cycling from time to time.


Visually impaired or blind travellers with accompanying person.




Disabled person


Disabled traveller with accompanying person.


Persons with reduced mobility.


Travellers in full health.


The visually or physically handicapped.


Those with hearing impairment.

We have the knowledge and experience to put together a bespoke tour that will meet your specific needs, whatever the size of your party, your budget or your timescale. Our bespoke tours are ideal for small private groups, such as families and friends, as well as big groups.
We are happy to offer a private version of one of our proposed tours or create a completely tailor-made itinerary for you. We can take care of all the logistics: tour routes, accommodation bookings, meals, transport, guides and activities etc. We will work with you until, together, we have created your ideal itinerary which will make the most of the time and budget you have available. So, for further information or a free, no-obligation quote, please email us at:
When emailing, please include the following information:

I. General information
1. your name and contact details (email and telephone)
2. number of people travelling (minimum and maximum would help if you don't know exact number)
3. number of days you have along with the dates of the trip (if known)
4. arrival and departure locations (and times if known)
5. an approximate budget (per person)

II. Accommodation
If you'd like us to book this for you, please indicate:
1. what standard of accommodation you'd prefer 
2. what budget for accommodation you have (per person per night) 

III. Meals
1. whether you'd like to include any meals

IV. Highlights
1. some information about the purpose of your trip and what you're hoping to get out of it 
2. any highlights you'd like us to include

We’d love to hear from you.