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1. St. Florian Church
2. St. Anne Church
3. The Dominican Church
4. The Wawel Cathedral
5. The Bernardine Church
6. The Corpus Christi Church
7. The Church on the Rock
8. For persevering (transportation required)
9. The Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
10. The Ecce Homo Church

Churches and sanctuaries – along the route of Polish saints

Per group
from 50 €

Guide dogs for the visually impaired.


Visually impaired or blind travellers with accompanying person.




Disabled person


Persons with reduced mobility.


Travellers in full health.


Those with hearing impairment.

Experience exceptional life stories of Polish saints associated with Krakow. Visit, among others, the Wawel Hill and Dominican Church. The life mysteries of saints are at your fingertips.

We invite you for an unforgettable tour following footsteps of Polish saints who associated their lives with Krakow. St. Stanislaw, St. Jack, St. Hedwig, St. Albert Chmielowski or St. Faustina are just some of the large number of people who deserved this highest distinction due to their achievements and unique approach to life. Walking along the route of Krakow churches and sanctuaries – St. Florian Church, the Church on the Rock, the Dominican Church or Wawel Cathedral you will learn the story of their lives and achievements.

50 € / group (1 - 10 people)
70 € / group (11 - 20 people)
90 € / group (21 people and more)



* guide service
* tax


* TourGuide headset (recommended for groups of 11 and more)
* transportation
The price is set individually and depends on the number of people and the type of the vehicle and varies from 50 € to 100 € per group.


Ca. 3,5 hours, depending on the selected options

Meeting place

The lobby of your hotel


The tour is available all year round. On Sundays, we suggest that you start exploring after 12 due to morning Masses. Ask first about the opening hours which change according to the season.


It is required due to big distances between particular places; we provide mini buses and coaches. The price is arranged individually and depends on the number of people and type of the vehicle and varies from 50 € to 100 € per group.


People in wheelchairs may encounter a little inconvenience in churches due to entrance thresholds and 2 or 3 steps. We provide all the required help.


From the available options, you can choose interesting proposals, you can also suggest a starting time and then the final plan will be prepared. In case of doubt, please contact us and ask questions .

TourGuide Headset

This is a wireless system for tour groups giving all participants in the group the opportunity to listen to the explanations of the guide in the same way regardless of the distance from him (the average transmission range is about 100 meters, and each participant has its own receiver), the system provides comfort when sightseeing and the ability to move freely in locations where silence is expected.


You will be under the care of licensed and experienced guides. We have worked with them for many years, and many surprising and unusual situations have proved that we can rely on them.


Options 1- 4,7 and 8 are usually selected during the trip.

1. St. Florian Church - St. Florian

2. St. Anne Church - St. John of Kety

3. The Dominican Church - St. Jack

4. The Wawel Cathedral - St. Stanislaw, St. Hedwig

5. The Bernardine Church - St. Szymon of Lipnica

6. The Corpus Christi Church - St. Stanislaw Kazmierczyk

7. The Church on the Rock - St. Stanislaw

8. For persevering (transportation required) -

9. The Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy - St. Faustina

10. The Ecce Homo Church - St. Brother Albert Chmielowski