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1. Wawel Cathedral
2. State Rooms
3. Private Royal Apartments
4. Crown Treasury & Armoury
5. Oriental Art
6. The Lost Wawel
7. “Lady with an ermine” Leonardo da Vinci
8. Sandomierska Tower
9. Dragon’s Den

In the footsteps of kings and magnates. Wawel Hill.

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from 25 €

Guide dogs for the visually impaired.


Visually impaired or blind travellers with accompanying person.




Disabled person


Disabled traveller with accompanying person.


Persons with reduced mobility.


Travellers in full health.


Those with hearing impairment.

Take a break from your daily routine. Lose yourself in everyday life of our kings and magnates and see the most precious pieces of art.

Wawel, rising up upon the Vistula river, is a national treasure. The seat of Polish kings houses the monuments that constitute our identity. Feel like a real magnate walking along the chambers of the Royal Castle. We will tell you not only about the most important history events related to the Wawel Castle but also reveal the secrets of its inhabitants, visitors and servants. We’ll visit together Treasury and Armoury, Oriental Art and at the end we will pop in to the Cathedral.

25 - 90 € / group (up to 30 people)

The final price will be set after the options are selected.



* guide service
* reservation fee
* tax


* TourGuide headset (recommended for groups of 11 and more)

* tickets
- Royal Cathedral - 3, 2 €
- State Rooms - 4.5, 3 €
- Royal Private Apartments - 6.5, 5 €
- Crown Treasury & Armoury - 4.5, 3 €
- Oriental Art - 2, 1.5 €
- The Lost Wawel - 2, 1.5 €
- “Lady with an ermine” by Leonardo da Vinci – 2.5, 2 €
- Sandomierska Tower – 2 €
- Dragon's Den - 1 €


Ca. 1 – 5 hours, depending on the selected options

Meeting place

The lobby of your hotel


The tour is available all year round despite 1st January, Easter Sunday, 1st & 11th November, 25th Decmber. Ask first about the opening hours which change according to the season


People in wheelchairs cannot visit the Sigismund Bell and the crypt in Wawel Cathedral, the cellers in the Armoury, Sandomierska Tower and Dragon’s Den (lots of stairs and no ramps in buildings).


From the available options, you can choose interesting proposals, you can also suggest a starting time and then the final plan will be prepared. In case of doubt, please contact us and ask questions .

TourGuide Headset

This is a wireless system for tour groups giving all participants in the group the opportunity to listen to the explanations of the guide in the same way regardless of the distance from him (the average transmission range is about 100 meters, and each participant has its own receiver), the system provides comfort when sightseeing and the ability to move freely in locations where silence is expected.


You will be under the care of licensed and experienced guides. We have worked with them for many years, and many surprising and unusual situations have proved that we can rely on them.


Options 1, 2 and 7 are usually selected during the trip. All options are Interior Tours.

1. Wawel Cathedral - occupies a unique position in Polish history and consciousness of the Polish nation, for centuries a place of worship of St. Stanislaus. Coronations and royal burials were held here and it is the burial place of poets and national heroes.

2. State Rooms - the main exhibition of the castle's interiors; several rooms on the ground and second floor where you can admire the most valuable treasure-tapestries woven in Brussels about 460 years ago.

3. Private Royal Apartments - they are located on the first floor of the castle – private royal rooms, rooms of the court and guest rooms.

4. Crown Treasury & Armoury - works of art presented in this exhibition give an inkling of the old magnificent of this place which contents were almost totaly destroyed over the centuries; fortunately there are some historic artefacts and the most significant among them is the Szczerbiec coronation sword

5. Oriental Art - carpets, weapons, armoury and equestrian equipment which are the visible sign of the military and trade contacts between Poland and the Near East countries.

6. The Lost Wawel - archaeological exhibition presenting artefacts, fragments of architecture and the history of the development of Wawel Hill from the Middle Ages to modern times.

7. “Lady with an ermine” Leonardo da Vinci - for renovation of the Czartoryski Collection the painting of one of the most famous renaissance painter Leonardo da Vinci is presented in the hall of the Royal Castle.

8. Sandomierska Tower - one of the two towers in Wawel, used to defend the castle; visiting the tower requires going up 137 stairs; available 28th April – 31st October.

9. Dragon’s Den - a cave in the Wawel Hill which was an underground shelter of a legendary dragon.