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  • Group of 1 - 10 people: 30 €
  • Group of 11 - 20 people: 50 €
  • Group of 21 - people: 70 €

The secrets of the Jewish District in Krakow

Per group
from 30€

Guide dogs for the visually impaired.


Visually impaired or blind travellers with accompanying person.




Disabled person


Disabled traveller with accompanying person.


Persons with reduced mobility.


Travellers in full health.


Those with hearing impairment.

Visiting the historical streets of Jewish Kazimierz might be an exciting adventure. You will find out a lot about its monuments and rich history of the prewar inhabitants of the district.

We can associate Kazimierz district without any hesitation with the Jewish culture. It is here where the influences of Christianity and Judaism permeated, giving the testimony of its coexistence till  the present day. We invite you for a fascinating journey through time to the world famous Remuh synagogue and a walk along the historical streets of Kazimierz. You will learn not only about the past of these places but also about culture and tradition of Jews who lived there. In addition, you can reveal a mystery of kosher food and try your talents at Jewish dance. You are also invited for an extraordinary meeting with a rabbi who will disclose to you the secrets of Judaism. 

30 € / group (1 - 10 people)
50 € / group (11 - 20 people)
70 € / group (21 people and more)



* guide service
* tax


* TourGuide headset (recommended for groups of 11 and more)

Interior Tour is not compulsory. The entrance tickets are not applicable then.

* tickets
- Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery - 1.5, 0.5 €
- Old Synagogue - 2, 1.5 €
- Temple Synagogue - 1.5, 0.5 €



Ca. 2,5 hours, depending on the selected options
Options 4-9 require additional time (1 – 1.5 hours each)

Meeting place

The lobby of your hotel


The tour is available all year round. We suggest not visiting on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, because synagogues and cemeteries are closed. Ask first about the opening hours which change according to the season and religious holidays.


People in wheelchair may encounter a little inconvenience in the Remuh synagogue and at the cemetery due to entrance thresholds and uneven sidewalks and a few steps in the Old synagogue.

TourGuide Headset

This is a wireless system for tour groups giving all participants in the group the opportunity to listen to the explanations of the guide in the same way regardless of the distance from him (the average transmission range is about 100 meters, and each participant has its own receiver), the system provides comfort when sightseeing and the ability to move freely in locations where silence is expected.


You will be under the care of licensed and experienced guides. We have worked with them for many years, and many surprising and unusual situations have proved that we can rely on them.